XMALIA experience is started!

C. Ryder Cooley arrived in North Adams and she started to work in 18 Holden Street. Together with her Corey Aldrich, Co-presenter of XMALIA, and Shannon Costello, Associate Gallery Manager.

The XMALIA exhibition & performance series offers surreal visions of vanished creatures and human-animal relations, with sound, video, drawings, taxidermy and live music, plus special guests Christine Shields (June 23), Jasmine Dreame Wagner (August 25) and others.

The XMALIA show features songs about extinct animals such as the Tasmanian Tiger, the Pyrenean Ibex the Xerces Butterfly, plus a
Dodo-trapeze act. This entertaining tragedy is hosted by a lonely mortician, who summons the animals back to life for her Graveyard Cabaret. Performed with Lady Moon, Pete Toigo, Max Goldfarb, Carl Hackert & others.


8 pm | XMALIA (musical excerpts), Songs about Extinction by C. Ryder Cooley with Corey Aldrich + Max Goldfarb
plus Christine Shields & Phil Franklin (all the way from California!)

11pm-12am Ambient Performance | 18 Holden St

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