Triple Exhibitions Opening Reception at Brill Gallery

Opening Reception & Artist Talks at Brill Gallery

Exhibitions include:

– “Nadine’s Couples“- Large oil paintings of gay couples by artist Nadine Robbins, celebrating the fact that New York just passed their Marriage Equality Act.

– “Stephen Proctor Ceramics” – Stephen Procter is among the premier Monumental Vessel Ceramicists in the country. Steven can hand throw these Stoneware Vessels up to 6 feet tall.

– “Reflections on Melville” – In Celebration of the 160th anniversary of the publication of Moby-Dick, photographer Kay Canavino and Painter Arthur Yanoff show work inspired by Herman Melville’s relationship with the Berkshires.

Artist Talks:
Nadine Robbins: 7:00 PM
Steven Procter: 7:15 PM
Arthur Yanoff: 8:00 PM
Kay Canavino: 8:15 PM

Brill Gallery at Eclipse Mill Artists Lofts
243 Union St. Studio 109
North Adams, MA

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