Did you know there is an Hair Museum in North Adams?

Sheer Madness Gallery host till Sunday August 21st a Showcase Photographs of Past Hairstyles. Residents of North Adams and surrounding communities are invited to submit up to five framed personal photographs of different hairstyles from the 1930’s through the 1990’s.

People’s Hair Museum” is part of the exhibition “A Social Geography of Hair” (July 28-August 21, 2011) curated by Izabel Galliera.

Drop off & Exhibition hours: W-F 12-6, Sat 10-6, Sun 10-2.


Did you know there is a place downtown NA where smell the ink, feel the texture and weight of the paper, lead type, linocuts…?

In a time when many people feel detached from print that isn’t on a computer screen, PRESS embraces the physicality of the printing process, celebrating the tactile qualities of beautiful handset prints and the importance of the hand in the process. The public will see the movement of the cylinder, smell the ink, and feel the texture and weight of the paper, lead type, linocuts…

For more information on public programs, workshops, private printing sessions, exhibition openings at Press: Letterpress as Public Art Project visit http://letterpressasapublicartproject.wordpress.com/ or contact Melanie Mowinski and her staff at letterpress105@gmail.com.


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