Have you walked or driven by Holden Street in North Adams in the past few days? If yes, you saw what’s going on, if not hurry up! Artist Melissa Lillie is working on the third and last mural of DownStreet Art 2012.

The completion of the mural will be celebrated on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 6pm in conjunction with DownStreet Art Thursday, a celebration of the art in North Adams that happens every last Thursday of the month from June through October.

We are extremely excited for the completion of the mural which will mark the completion of the first run of the successfull DownStreet Art Mural Project started this summer with the mural realized by muralismo publico on the back of the Mohawk Theatre.

Then, in July we celebrated Maya Hayuk’s mural on Center Street. From now on, we will be following the making of the mural on Holden Street daily. STAY TUNED and join us on the celebration on Thurs, Sept 27 at 6pm.
When downtown North Adams do not forget to visit the multiple art destinations throughout the city. 

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