What’s coming up for the September edition of DownStreet Art Thursday!

Come on and get down for the Fourth Installment of this year’s season of DownStreet Art!

For the month of September we’re starting things off with a slew of new exhibitions, including one-day pop-ups and an extended run of Rich Remsberg’s “Historyland”!

Swing on down to MCLA Gallery 51 for the opening of Eliza O. Barrios’ “Writing Series: (manga) sulat sa pader” show. The exhibit includes text-based drawings, single channel video projections and photographs from Barrios’ collaborative project, Mail Order Brides/M.O.B. This mixed-media installation will draw material from both English and Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines. (manga) sulat sa pader translates from Tagalog to English as “Writing on the Wall”. Through a text-based environment of video, ink on paper and graphite on vellum, Barrios illuminates the shift of expression that is occurring around us, the fragility of communication, and the importance of maintaining and utilizing the written word.

Just next door Emmy award-winning filmmaker Rich Remsberg’s “Historyland” goes on for an extended run at Gallery 53.

On the other side of G51, Press Gallery will be holding an exhibit called “Markings”. Featuring letterpress prints and artist books by former PRESS interns and volunteers Adriana Alexatos, Hayley Parker, Antoine Scalbert, and Leeya Jackson as well as PRESS founder Melanie Mowinski. Inspiration for this exhibit stems from a quote by Theodore Roethke, “time marks us while we are marking time.” Each artwork created reflects time spent in the studio, at the press or the typecase, considering text and image. Each mark on the page, is a mark in time, whether a day in the life of an intern, or months or work towards an end goal.

At the Branch Gallery, Jamie Franklin & Renee Bouchard are hosting their one-day pop-up show, “Alternate Realities”. Featuring an eclectic collection of works by folk/outsider artist Renee, and pieces from their personal art collection, this show will be sure to capture the interest of attendees.

Newcomer artist Jeffrey Kitchen will be hosting his exhibit, “Prototype” at the Artery Gallery. A junior at Bennington College, Kitchen will be showcasing pieces made up of individual 8″ x 11″ pieces of paper and assembled together to create his photographic, large-scale works that sprawl and take over the space.

All the way down Main St. Gallery 107 will be showcasing a summer of sketches by walk-in artists of all ages. In honor of the Fall season, they’ll yet again be covering the sidewalk in colorful autumn leaves in an array of chalk.

In addition, the Adams Community Bank will be having an extended run of Janet Picard’s “Regarding Nature”, while the Transcript will continue hosting Jennifer Smith Huberdeaus’s “Working Class” show. At NAACO, Lydia Johnston & Lori St. Pierre will have their joint show, “Scratching the Surface”.

But that’s not all! There will be performances by James McBride at Church Street Center, wandering puppets from Mortal Beasts & Deities, an interactive video installation by Erin Ko & Alex Chouls, as well as a FREE trolley running from 4:45PM till 8:30PM (last trolley at 8:15PM).

Don’t miss out!




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