Corwin Levi explores “The Void”

Corwin Levi

Levi will be creating a mural on Veterans’ Memorial Bridge (Route 2 Overpass) on St. Anthony’s Drive.

Corwin Levi 2 corwin painting Corwin Levi 72dpi

The void has always existed. Yves Klein famously leapt into it. Anish Kapoor noted “the void is not silent” and described it as dealing with “that very first moment of creativity where everything is possible and nothing has actually happened.”

I see the void not as an emptiness where everything is merely possible, but as a space where everything is both possible and has already occured. As individuals, though, we only see the void in occasional glimpses. We can use these flashes to spark us to creation, but must work through the actual creating ourselves. The void is a personal space to each of us where our creativity and power exist and from which we can see, in moments, the wonders of which we are capable.

Said another way, imagine ten artists looking at the same object. In one of these people, the object sparks something and becomes impetus for a new work. What is the connection between the object and the new work? We can probably describe the chain of connection with language, but where does that connection come from? What is the space from which that connection, that inspiration, comes forth to enable us to glimpse the artwork it has opened in our mind?

About the Artist

I learned to read because my mother wrote down words and would let me draw pictures of them if I knew what the meant.

I survived grade school by filling up every single inch of my margins with doodles.

I made it through art school by putting the pictures from which I learned to read and my notebook marginalia on the walls.

I continue to be an artist by trying to translate the wonder I have always seen into a physical form.


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