Monica Chulewicz at DIScourse Gallery B

Monica Chulewicz

A Desire to Memorialize

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My collages are a collection of memories from a past that is unknown to me. I overlay vintage photographs I have collected to create a dialogue between history, memory, and time that addresses themes of existence, fragility, and mortality. In addition, my main focus with my creations is the theme of loss of life and memory. This simultaneously depicts the replacement of new life.

Through the process of creating settings that cannot possibly exist, I express the way I think – existence and death are surreal experiences. I suffer from a progressive disease which has forced me to deal with my own mortality head on. Memories are often erased from my mind, and people disappear from my memory to later return. My collages express the rhythms of my own recollections, often elements recede from the foreground while others push quietly to center stage. 

An important aspect in my artistic practice is the search for new material. I collect objects and photographs and I like to believe that I am gathering remnants of the past. Although I may not know what moments these materials once held, I know it is a record. With every photograph or object I find, there is a story that can no longer be told as the witnesses are lost. I retell their stories in my own perspective.

I make my collages digitally. After scanning photographs, I assess the material I have culled and find pairings I believe would create interesting conversations. My collages have the atmosphere of dreamscapes; buildings turn to landscape, and landscapes engulf inhabitants to create a new, uneasy narrative of a reality plucked from the ether.

Some images appear worn away, as I print my collages on fabric or transfers on paper. I hope to express through my work a sense of realization of mortality as well as the loss of memory. I toy with reality of the past, its fiction, the tension between the two, and how it is capable of leaving us suddenly. 


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Exhibiting July 31st – August 25th

Opening Reception 6-9PM

DIScourse Gallery B
85 Main Street 
Wed-Fri 12-6PM, Sat 10-6PM, Sun 10-4PM


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