Ian Grey at MountainOne Bank Gallery

Ian Grey


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This is the second installment of Ian Grey’s newest project, which takes elements from the lives of everyday people to create distinct portraits.

“When I make a portrait I ask the subject to take a leap of faith.  Knowing our most creative selves lie in the periphery of our beings, it’s an act of courage for a person to explore these regions in front of the camera.  And I am inspired by courage.”


For more information about the artist visit http://greyravenstudio.com/Home_Page.php


Exhibiting July 31st – August 25th

Opening Reception July 31st 2-5PM

MountainOne Bank Gallery 
93 Main Street 
Mon, Wed, Fri 8:30-4PM, Thurs 8:30-5PM, Sat 8:30-12PM



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