“The Vital Flux” at Gallery 107, curated by Angela McQuillan

The Vital Flux

A group show exhibiting six different artists

Curated by Angela McQuillan

Growth and Decay Exhibit - McQuillan

In August 2013 at Little Berlin Gallery in Philadelphia, six artists working in diverse mediums presented work in an exhibition entitled Growth and Decay.  This show was focused on biomorphic art, or art that refers to or evokes living forms.  Growth and Decay explored the dialog between the structured organization and order of systems in a state of development and growth, contrasted with the chaotic nature of decomposition and the breaking down of components during their inevitable decline and decay.

One year later in North Adams Massachusetts, these artists come together again in another biomorphic art exhibition entitled The Vital Flux.  The concept behind this second exhibition is the importance of change.  In the span of one year our artistic practice has grown, changed, and introduced new concepts while recycling old ones.  Change is vital to the continuation of life.  Living organisms are constantly evolving and adapting to new circumstances.  This artwork is a continuation of where we left off, and an indication of the many different directions we are heading.   Each artist has their own unique visual language and creative interpretation of the living world, providing a unique viewing experience that combines elements of biology with a delicate mix of surrealism and abstraction.  The Vital Flux will be featuring work by artists Emily Barletta, Alana Bograd, Jackie Brown, Marguerita Hagan, Angela McQuillan and Samantha Jones.  The show is curated by Angela McQuillan.


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