William Oberst at DIScourse Gallery

William Oberst

Canvas and Study: Oil Paintings and Gouaches by William Oberst

DIScourse Gallery

On view August 28 – September 25


There will be an opening reception at DIScourse Gallery August 28 from 6-9PM and a closing reception on September 25 from 6-9PM. 

North Adams native, William Oberst, will be taking on both Discourse Galleries A and B, with his exhibition titled, “Canvas and Study: Oil Paintings and Gouaches by William Oberst”. Focusing mainly on portraits of people, his work functions as a time capsule, portraying and encapsulating the moments of the 21st century for viewers in the distant future.

“We all have a shared humanity,” states Oberst, “I would hope that those future viewers recognize something of themselves in my work.”

All of the portraits Oberst will be gathering for this exhibition will be in different stages of finish, but share the commonality of being enlarged to nearly life-size images. Through his hopes of providing the future with accurate depictions of daily life, Oberst hones in on themes of labor, the parent-child bond, the relationships between men and women, as well as a general representation of the challenges we face as a society in this time period.

For more information about the artist visit http://williamoberst.com/home.html

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