Polysonic Joy & Eternal Crimes at DSA Thurdsay!

Musical Performances

at the “Ed Cormac Stage”

Under the Mohawk Marquee


Eternal Crimes


eternal crimes

“…There’s a band called Eternal Crimes whom have recorded their debut-album “Dream Gag“, which really takes you back to the time of our lives. It sounds like the primitive sound of 80′s post-punk, the sound which you enjoy throughout. Recognizable, in terms of the primitive and primal surge of baselines soaring through the landscape of smitten lives. Slow, but catchy riffs in a reverberated notion of a heavy and atmospheric baseline. Judging from their sound, they derive much from what’s been the best with post-punk as long as I’ve listened to the genre.” – Invisible Guy (invisibleguy.wordpress.com)

For more information visit http://eternalcrimes.bandcamp.com


Polysonic Joy

8 PM

polysonic joy

Polysonic Joy is an iconoclastic quartet defined by their eclectic form of rock. Detailed guitars that go from porcelain-clean to gravelly grit, complimented by clever lyrics and a variable-speed rhythm section, make this high-energy show one to never, ever forget. The complimentary memory implants, minimally invasive and free of charge, help you to remember. Polysonic Joy is at times a wall of noise, at times, a whisper.

For more information visit http://polysonicjoy.com



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