Poetry and Dance Response at Gallery 51

Poetry and Dance Response

Inspired by Things You See

by Sara Farrell Okamura & Hideyo Okamura

Gallery 51


Opening Thursday September 25, Gallery 51 will present a multi- disciplined experience including dance and poetry inspired by the current exhibit, Things You See, works by Sara Farrell Okamura & Hideyo Okamura.

Too many times an art exhibit is installed, an opening is held and the work remains in the space for 30 – 60 days. The artists and the gallery have little interaction with the audience. They are not privy to arguments for and against, discussions sparked by the exhibition both negative and positive, and a true conversation with colleagues and the community. To instigate a break with this model, Okamura and Farrell Okamura have invited diverse artists working in other genres to actively respond to Things You See, through their own choreography and writing performances.

We are fortunate to include in this event, renowned dancer, choreographer Sandra Burton, Lipp Family Director of Dance and Senior Lecturer in Dance at Williams College who will be accompanied by dancers from Williams College; Cassandra Cleghorn, Poet, Editor at Tupelo Press, Senior Lecturer at Williams College; Jeffrey Levine, Poet, Editor-in-Chief of Tupelo Press. Both Cleghorn & Levine are also founding members of Duo Eamon, Celtic fiddle and guitar group. In addition we will be joined by Curtis Asch. Curtis Elfenbein Asch is a published poet and playwright whose work has been produced and performed in Boston, New York, L.A San Francisco, Oakland, and here in the Berkshires. He is also a Word x Word two-time WordXWord poetry slam and story slam champion.

This exhibition will run in MCLA Gallery 51 from August 24-October 26.

For more information visit www.mcla.edu/Gallery51



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