“The Painter’s Vision” A film by William Oberst

“The Painter’s Vision”

A film by William Oberst

Outside CONcourse/DIScourse Galleries

85 Main Street


“The Painter’s Vision” offers a new approach to figurative art, focusing on how painters look at the things they paint, and how their vision anticipates the way you look at finished art. The 20-minute film shows how the painters’ special way of seeing mirrors your own vision in a very profound way.

When figurative artists paint what they see, their vision shifts from a view of the subject in front of them, to projections of the subject as paintable—where the subject appears as a multitude of places calling for specific strokes of paint to be applied to a canvas during art-making.

Similarly, when you see finished paintings, your own vision shifts from views of real paint strokes on a canvas in front of you, to a projection of the subject—where the subject appears as what it might look like if you were to go there and actually see it.

“The Painter’s Vision” examines these parallel shifts in vision by both painters and viewers of art. While exploring how the shifts occur, a deep connection emerges between artists and viewers, revealing the strange power of figurative paintings to communicate aspects of consciousness itself.

For more information about the artist visit http://williamoberst.com/home.html



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