The Leafies You Gave Me at the DSA Closing Art Party!

The Leafies You Gave Me

“Ed Cormac Stage” Under the Mohawk Marquee

6:30-7:45 PM


It started in High School when Zach found a pair of maple leafies Jarryd had given him in his backpack. It wasn’t long until two handsome young men hopped on board to create ecstatic sounds. They we’re all creeps together for awhile but these two fine gentleman had to go their separate ways. Zach and Jarryd then got immersed in a wave of free jazz. Although this may be troubling to some Jarryd found it helpful in coping with OCD. For years these two held their own against the crippling melancholy of gender roles in our society. Then out of the blue came Josh (bearded ally), followed by Cameron. With a quartet intact the Leafies could then adopt the wondrous vocals and choreography of Matt and Chris. With an absurd theatrical mess the Leafies then started to take on the Happy New Beard’s Club and bring down senseless homophobia, intimidation, and ridiculous assumptions about gender!

During this time a snowflake named Caroline came along, and blew away the hot angst of the summertime with her violin playing. Then, the tragic day came when Cameron was caught committing a heinous musical crime. He was sentenced to four years at Berklee College of Music. Leafies then started a “Free Cameron” campaign, which didn’t seem to catch on. Things started to get mad leafy when a sentimental weirdo named Bobs Frankton started showing up at concerts, and interrupting the band mid-performance. Despite the loss of Cameron, and Frankton’s increasingly paralyzing antics Leafies held together strong as Caroline and musical comrade and trombonist Jeff joined the band full time. Recently, one of the aforementioned original members, Nick, has rejoined the band. Since his days in the original Leafies he has become a renown jazz saxophonist. Now with an 8 piece lineup Leafies have officially reached cult status, and more than ever can take on the oppression of The Happy New Beard’s Club, and freeing Cameron from the clutches of institutionalized music education.

Anyone is welcome to join us in the struggle. Remember: “We’re all leafies from different trees, and in the end we’ll all come down together”

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