Call for Artists

Call for Artists of Color in North-Eastern U.S.

Participate in an expanded re-performance of

Safety Pin Removal (2016) by Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sanchez

commissioned as a part of TRUST & DownStreet Art (Information below)


TRUST is looking for artists of color to join commissioned artist, Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sanchez, in re-performing Safety Pin Removal, a performance in response to the Post-Brexit, Post-Trump Election gesture of wearing a safety pin to indicate allyship with immigrants, refugees, and other marginalized people. (Read more here and hereSafety Pin Removal uses the body of the performer(s) as a site to test the limits of allyship with the public.

During the original action, Lundberg Torres Sanchez revealed to the audience a safety pin that was piercing the skin near his collar bone. He described the piercing process, and observed the audience’s winces and grimaces. After naming and rejecting their empathetic responses, Lundberg Torres Sanchez then asked them to collaborate in removing the safety pin from his skin — an act that requires collaboration, risk, trust, intimacy, and bodily contact.

The action ends when the safety pin is removed.

This remounted and expanded version, will experiment with taking the action into public space (as opposed to the theater or the gallery), research how different bodies experience performing the same action for an audience, and examine allyship between the performers themselves.



  • Must be a person of color.
  • Must be available September 9-10 to perform in North Adams, MA.
  • Must be comfortable receiving a temporary piercing through a layers of superficial skin.

(See performance documentation: 

Please e-mail with a bio, CV/resume, and short statement of interest (100 words or less.)