Year Round Spaces


1040 MASS MoCA Way | Wednesday through Monday, 11am-5pm


“MASS MoCA seeks to catalyze and support the creation of new art, expose our visitors to bold visual and performing art in all stages of production, and re-invigorate the life of a region in socioeconomic need.” MASS MoCA exhibits works by many of the most important artists of today–both well known, and emerging–with a focus on large-scale and complex installations that are impossible to realize in conventional museums.

Admission: Adults $20, Seniors / Veterans $18, Students with ID $12, Kids (6–16) $8
Kids 5 and younger free, Museum members free
Admission to Kidspace, our child-centered gallery, is always free. For additional information, call 413-662-2111 or visit

Kidspace @ MASS MoCA

1040 MASS MoCA Way | Wednesday through Monday, 11am-5pm

Kidspace is a child-centered gallery and studio space within MASS MoCA. Hands-on, educational activities allow children to connect with the space’s current exhibition through their own creative work.


Currently on View: Cavernous: The Inner Life of Courage

In Cavernous: The Inner Life of Courage, Colorado-based artist Wes Sam-Bruce uses the Hoosac Tunnel as a metaphor for brave endeavors. Kidspace explores what it takes to be courageous and persevere in the face of mountain-sized obstacles. Gallery visitors are invited to play in a tunnel-like structure built specifically for the museum.


1315 MASS MoCA Way | Wednesday through Sunday, 11am-5pm

FERRIN CONTEMPORARY exhibits contemporary art by mid-career and established ceramicists. In addition to being a gallery, it serves as a project incubator space.

Based in North Adams on the MASS MoCA campus, Ferrin Contemporary offers selected works for sale by represented artists, masterworks from private collections and curated exhibitions.

Best37505TheAldrovandiVases2017_2LWimage: Robin Best, a pair of hand-thrown translucent vases with colored on-glaze xin cai painting, made by artist in Jungdezhen, China, 2017

Currently on view: Robin Best  New Work  on view September 14 – October 31, 2017

FERRIN CONTEMPORARY focus this month is the new work by artist Robin Best.

With a strong interest in Sino culture, Robin Best has lived and worked in the old porcelain city of Jingdezhen, China for five years. Here, Chinese artisans make the fine translucent porcelain vases on which she applies her meticulous on-glaze history paintings. She has trained extensively in both Chinese Xin Cai (oil painting on porcelain) and the German equivalent of Meissen oil painting in the Oriental style.

Best’s work successfully merges internationally-sourced materials, traditional techniques, and historic imagery with contemporary themes of natural preservation and environmentalism. Through her work, Best raises awareness of important historical events still relevant today.


image: Robin Best


1315 MASS MoCA Way | Wednesday through Sunday, 11am-5pm           

CYNTHIA-REEVES at 1315 MASS MoCA represents an international roster of established artists who share a process-apparent sensibility in their work. The newly renovated gallery has long embraced work that provokes a discourse around the convergence of art and science.

Upcoming Exhibition – THOMAS JACKSON: EMERGENT BEHAVIOR                                   on view August 26 – October 7, 2017

thomas-jacksons-photography-4image: Thomas Jackson, “Tutus no. 1,”Montara, California, 2015

CYNTHIA-REEVES presents an exhibition of prints and a site-specific installation by artist Thomas Jackson. As part of the gallery’s new project initiative, the artist will work on-site from August 22 -25 to create a final iteration of works in progress, ending with an artist reception on August 25 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm. Jackson will be available to visitors to discuss the work in progress, and to demonstrate the handwork and thought process behind his installations.
The hovering installations featured in his ongoing series of photographs are inspired by self-organizing, “emergent” systems in nature such as termite mounds, swarming locusts, schooling fish and flocking birds. The images attempt to tap the mixture of fear and fascination that those phenomena tend to evoke while creating an uneasy interplay between the natural and the manufactured, and the real and the imaginary.
image: Thomas Jackson, “Plates no. 1, Napanoch, New York, 2012

MCLA Gallery 51

51 Main Street | Monday through Saturday, 10am-6pm; Sunday, 12-4pm

MCLA Gallery 51 primarily exhibits work by emerging and mid-career artists from around the world. It is a program of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts’ Berkshire Cultural Resource Center. Student work is featured annually.

34923437514_3edbfc6bcc_zInstallation view

3 Second Stories | On View: July 27 – September 23

Featuring the work of Flipbook artist Tom Olson who uses flipbooks to weave tales of love, loss and other investigations into the human psyche and the absurd by spending countless hours drawing hundreds of pages to arrive at a profound three seconds. This will be the first time they have been exhibited and the show will include video and print presentations.

Olson’s stories include “The Beast and the Lightning Bolt,” “How the Sun Becomes the Moon,” and “What Maps Do When Nobody’s Looking.” One flipbook examines the struggles of a Hegelian and a neo-Platonist facing the same intractable dilemma; while another series follows the adventure of little circle seamlessly morphing between an orange, the planet Saturn, and other objects.

“3 Second Stories” is curated by Corwin Levi, a mixed media, project-based artist and curator whose practice centers around transforming ideas into experiences.

Special DSA Thursday, August 31 activity: Flipbook Workshop

Inspired by the “3 Second Stories” exhibit, Gallery 51 staff will guide participants in making their own mini-flipbooks. Supplies will be provided. All that is needed for this fun workshop is to bring one’s own story ideas!

5 – 8:00 pm


10 Ashland Street| Open Fridays, Saturdays & Mondays, 12-5pm

Outside is a storefront gallery in downtown North Adams, MA showcasing emerging ideas in art and design.


image: Graham Mcdougall’s  silk -screen

Angle, Pitch | On View: September 9th  – October 20th 

Group exhibit of new work by  Victoria Haven, Graham Mcdougal, and Piotr Chizinski

Curated by Amie Cunat – Artist’s Reception Friday, Oct. 20th, 6-8pm

Outside is pleased to present Angle, Pitch, a group exhibition of recent work by Victoria Haven, Graham McDougal, and Piotr Chizinski. The show focuses on three distinct approaches on how the artists present the intangible through their work. Meticulously crafted, they also offer a sense of the contemplative within their respective processes.

Influenced by Shaker domestic interiors and architecture, Victoria Haven’s Butter Drawings utilize triangular forms to delineate positive and negative space on the drawing paper. Although the shapes are painted at, the slight differences in the yellow ink’s transparency coupled with the dynamic angles of their edges offer the suggestion of three dimensional space. Not only do the triangles’ vertices touch in deep space as if they have receded into an in nite horizon akin to Ed Ruscha’s Standard Station, but they also read aerially like a fence or architectural blueprint.

Graham McDougal’s Regina Rex Façade are generated from scanner drags of advertisements for graphic design manuals. These prints are pulled from one-to-one scaled sections of a larger drawing he produced for a temporary installation on the façade of Regina Rex, an artist run gallery in New York, NY. Each of the images are silk-screened onto off-set lithographs or blank sheets of paper, where ink and form build up the physical surface of each piece. In the act of layering, the sources are obliterated (or obfuscated) and a new formal event emerges. Collectively, the suite functions as an oblique document of the artist’s Lower East Side installation.

Operation Fishbowl is a multi-media sculpture displaying publicly sourced video of nuclear explosions in outer space. These nuclear efforts were instigated by the American government in the hopes to expel the Van Allen radiation belt during the 1960s to better advance space travel. Piotr Chizinski’s larger sculptural practice questions the effects of historical digital technologies to offer sociopolitical inquiries about the present. Utilizing the juxtaposition of found materials with casted objects, his work often plays off high/low brow references. For Operation Fishbowl, the videos are broadcasted manually through a hand-built VHF antenna that is anchored in a casted Zargas Box, a military equipment case. The broadcast is received by several Zenith televisions.



Gravity Gallery

44 Eagle Street  | Saturdays, 12:00 – 5:00 pm

Gravity Gallery is a think tank space that is committed to enhancing the cultural environment by hosting visually stimulating exhibitions.

Gravity-Gallery.jpg left: Jason Green, “Recovered Geometry No.16”                                                                            right: Stephanie McMahon, “Drift” 

Separate Bedrooms | On View: July 27 – September 30

Artists: Stephanie McMahon and Jason Green

Jason Green’s tiles explore a painterly surface through fluid planes of transparent glaze overlapping structured geometric drawings as Stephanie McMahon’s paintings weave in and out of referential shapes and colors. Unexpected and precarious relationships emerge between thin, translucent layers. Gestural forms within the body of work hint at earth or shale references that contrast with bright color fields and oscillating figure ground relationships.

Green’s tiles reveal the texture of the hand on the interior of the tiles as they are pushed into a mold. His geometric patterns are designed on the computer and then drawn by hand onto the surface. McMahon’s process is both calculated and open, creating an active space for visual exploration. Together these artists exhibit separate bodies of work that reveal a love for material exploration.

  • Special Pop-Up Event – “High Brow” on Thursday, August 31, 5- 8pm

During DownStreet Thursday on August 31st, Gravity Gallery will host “High Brow,” a participatory one-day performance project by artist Rachelle Beaudoin. During this special pop-up event at the gallery Beaudoin will make prints of people’s eyebrows using Akua ink and paper. The process mimics brow waxing but results in a unique image of the participant’s eyebrow. After giving a print to the participant, she will additional versions to be included in a limited leather-bound artist book titled, “High Brow.”


Berkshire Artist Museum

159 E Main St. | Wednesday – Sunday 12-5

The Berkshire Art Museum is dedicated to exhibiting work by regional artists. While past exhibitions have primarily featured two-dimensional media, the museum’s 2017 season will focus on three-dimensional work. Entrance to museum is free for Berkshire County Residents


image: Peter Dudek’s installation fragment

Currently on view the 2017 Summer/Fall exhibit, “VOLUME,” featuring work of over thirty 3-D artists – from large indoor and outdoor sculptures to tabletop sculptures and pottery:


With four areas of focus in the VOLUME exhibition – large sculptural works presented inside and outside (“Esculturas Grandes”), smaller works presented on pedestals (“Esculturas de Mesa”), ceramic pieces (“Vessels”), and sculptures by New Yorkers (“New York-North Adams Shuttle”), the Berkshire Art Museum – in its 4th season – has given all its new exhibition space for sculptural works

The variety of material on exhibition is great, as the exhibiting artists incorporate such materials as wood, plastic, glass, clay, metal, digitized/kinetic technology, fabric, paper, and so forth.   Equally varied are the processes – from fabrication to cast, from traditional metal welding to interactive electronics, and so forth.

Featured artists: Daniel Bellow, Keith Bona, Rebekah Diamontopoulos, Peter Dudek, Jan Edwards, Patricia Fiesta, Martha Flood, Patrick Horley, Howard Izkowitz, Connie Kiener, Robert Kieronski, David Lachman, George Le Maitre, Paul McMullan, Taj Mongiardo, Linda O’Brien, Opie O’Brien, Derek Parker, Aysha Peltz, Len Poliandro, Henry Richardson, Lynn Richardson, Linda Roberto, Gail Kolls Sellers, Phil Sellers, Maria Siskind, Max Spitzer, William Sweet, Natalie Tyler, Todd Wahlstrom, and Robert Wik.

Martha Flood Design Studio & Fabric Gallery


38 Eagle Street
Open Wednesday through Friday, 12-6pm; Saturday, 12-5pm

Working space and gallery by local artist Martha Flood who designs and produces The Woodlands Collection, custom manufactured fabrics inspired by natural textures and patterns we encounter in the New England landscape. The nontraditional images are examples of cutting edge pattern design and advanced digital fabric printing technologies. 2013 Yankee Magazine Best of New England, Editor’s Choice Winner.

The Artist Book Foundation

1327 MASS MoCA Way | Tuesday – Friday, 10am-5pm; Saturdays by appointment

The Artist Book Foundation celebrates the life and work of artists through publications, events, exhibitions, and educational programs.


image: book cover for “Every Hour of the Light: The Art of Mary Sipp-Green”

The Artist Book Foundation publishes, shares, and preserves artist books offering the richest visual presentations and most informed narratives of artists’ lives and work.

Committed to artists, the nonprofit 501-(c)(3) foundation believes that artist books, like the artwork that inspires them, serve as a vital source of knowledge and cultural insight for current and future generations.

Currently on view through September 23rd in the Louis and Susan Meisel Gallery located at The Artist Book Foundation the work of landscape artist Mary Sipp-Green featuring recent giclee prints & giclee prints with pastels published “Every Hour of the Light: The Art of Mary Sipp-Green.”


Eclipse Mill Gallery

243 Union St. Studio 102 | Friday through Sunday, 12-6pm or by appointment

The Eclipse Mill live/work community is home to artists and artisans working independently as well as collaboratively in a wide range of media. Though the Eclipse Mill Gallery often exhibits work by residents, it also features guest artists from near and far.


image: Gail Sellers

Current Exhibition:

I’ll Drink to That| On View August 5 – August 27

Curated by Gail SellersPhil Sellers, and Arthur De BowI’ll Drink to That features drinking vessels and other studio pottery objects by more than 20 ceramic artists from Oregon and Arizona to North Adams.

I’ll Drink to That underscores the aesthetic and technical diversity of contemporary American ceramic artists that create high-end functional yet exquisite objects. The ceremonial tea bowls, wine cups, whisky glasses, steins, chowder mugs and other vessels on display demonstrate a variety of clays, glazes, and firing processes.

Upcoming Exhibition: “Figuratively Speaking,”  group show featuring work by William Archer, Joanna Klain, Linda O’Brien, Opie O’Brien, Wilma Rifkin. Opening Friday, September 1st.

River Hill Pottery

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 5.01.32 PM

243 Union St. Studio 104 | Thursday through Sunday, 12-6pm or by appointment

“At River Hill Pottery we have combined our creativity and experience to bring to you some of the most beautiful baskets in clay. Each piece is handmade with care and craftsmanship for you to enjoy. It is our desire for you to have a piece of pottery that will give you a lifetime of joy. The uncommon basket for an extraordinary life.”

Visitor Museum at Western Gateway Heritage State Park


115 State Street, Building 4 | (413) 663-6312Open daily, 9:30am-4:30pm (call to verify)

A former railroad yard, this urban park uses historical artifacts and exhibits to bring to life the controversial and danger-filled construction of the Hoosac Tunnel, one of the greatest engineering feats of the 19th century. The tunnel was dug 4.75 miles through Hoosac Mountain, linking Massachusetts to Albany, NY. 200 men lost their lives building the tunnel, which is still being used today. An audio-visual presentation takes visitors back in time, where the sounds of dripping water, pickaxes against stone, explosions, and debates re-create the hardships and heroism of the tunnel’s construction.

North Adams Museum of History and Science


State Park, 115 State Street, Building 5A | Open Saturday, 10am-4pm

The North Adams Museum of History and Science is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and promoting North Adams’ colorful past. Exhibitions primarily focus on local history. The museum also features opportunities to engage with science, such as an interactive model of the solar system. Admission is free.

EXHIBITS ON: Local History, Anasazi Indian Artifacts, Architecture, Ballooning, Business and Industry, Coury’s Drive-In, Discovery Room, Downtown THEN and NOW, Early Farm Life, Everyday Life, Fire and Police, the Gift Shop, Grandma’s Attic, Immigration, Jumpers, Medical, Military,  Moderne Studio, Natural Science Center, Parade of Personalities, Politics, Railroad History and Layout, Religion, Temporary Exhibit Gallery, and School Days.